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"...its the festival designed to jolt us, from the white Australia arts policy and politics slumber..."



The Colour Blind Project officially launched its inaugural short play festival in July 2010 to a sold out audience. The festival featured 9 brand new short Australian plays, 9 directors and 17 multicultural and Indigenous actors over two weeks at The Tap Gallery Theatre, Darlinghurst.


Artistic Director’s Note


Growing up as Australian born children of immigrant families in Sydney’s multicultural suburbs we never considered ourselves or our fellow, Indian, Asian, Hispanic and European friends to be a part of a minority group. Australia is, and has been for a number of years, a bountiful cultural melting pot. But how many of these faces do we see in the Australian entertainment industry and importantly how are they represented?  Unfortunately there is still a practice in our industry that reaffirms the anglo-centric idea of what it means to be Australian; to push the agenda of the Australian identity that is associated with the blonde haired, blue eyed beach guy or girl. The reality is that Australia is more than that. Occasionally there is a character on TV or on stage that is multicultural or Indigenous, but often it's a stereotype or at best, tokenistic. There is no common policy or practice of "colour blind casting", where an actor is hired based on their talent and merit to play the role, rather than the colour of their skin or ethnic background. We have to ask why have we not seen an Asian lead character in a sitcom or romantic comedy? Why do we never see a male character, of middle eastern background for example, play the hero?


And so The Colour Blind Project is born…


What initially began as a conversation between two friends and a very strong common experience has inspired a community of both established and emerging artists to come together and be a part of the active voice that says  “We need to see our faces represented in our industry and change how we perceive them". The Colour Blind Project has been an eventful, exhilarating and passion-driven journey; incredibly exhausting, but above all, a truly rewarding experience. We both have been incredibly thankful and humbled by the generosity and dedication of all artists involved and the wider community to help bring to life the inaugural Colour Blind Project Theatre festival 2010.  This short play festival is the beginnings of a theatre company and a community, which aims to create innovative work that will inspire, empower and fairly represent the multicultural and Indigenous cultures of Australia.


Josipa Draisma & Stephanie Son






Written by Jason Yeh | Directed by Heath Wilder

Featuring Bjorn Stewart & Nisrine Amine


‘Almost Love’

Written by Fleur Beaupert | Director & Dramaturge Felicity Nicol

Featuring Christina Falsone & Lee-Ann Simon


‘In The Company of Ants’

Written by Felino Dolloso | Directed by Gavin Roach

Featuring John Buencamino & Silvana Lorenzo de Shute


‘The Secret and the Shadow’

Written by Andrew Esk & Directed by Travis Green

Featuring Stephanie Son & Carla Nirella



Written by Sime Knezevic | Directed by Netta Yashchin

Featuring Craig Meneaud & Michael Cutrupi


‘Momento Mori’

Written by Bradley Vincent & Directed by James Beach

Featuring Craig Meneaud & Johnny Nicolaidis


A Few More Years

Written by Tim McDonald & Directed by Paige Rattray

Featuring Netta Yashchin


‘Boxed Carnation’

Written by Augusta Supple & Directed by Danielle O’Keef

Featuring Josipa Draisma, Vixen Noir & Silvana Lorenzo de Shute


‘The Dead Sun’

Written by Alex Broun | Directed by Denise Sivasubramaniam

Featuring Suz Mawer, Felino Dolloso & Arnold Luichareonkit





Creative Directors: Josipa Draisma & Stephanie Son

Sponsorship: Gavin Roach

Production & Stage Manager: Rosie Bryant

Dramaturge: Leonie Tillman

Lighting & Sound Operator: Jamie Hexworth

Lighting Operator: Stephanie Harkin

Publicist & Marketing: Mariana Soares

Graphic Designer: Joanne Quisumbing

Photographer/Graphics/Website: Ben Draisma

Website Programmer: Clayton Thomas 




The Colour Blind Project is the brainchild of Sydney based performers, Josipa Draisma and Stephanie Son, who both wanted to create a dedicated, ambitious and talented ensemble of Australian writers, directors, actors and artists that would challenge and contribute to the cultural diversity of the Australian Arts and Entertainment landscape.


The Colour Blind Project has been created to showcase the diverse pool of multi-cultural talent that exists in Australia. It aims to be a world-class ensemble that challenges the stereotypes of what is perceived to be ‘Australian’ and bring the Australian Arts and Entertainment industry into the reality of the Australian society of the 21st Century.


Through a collaborative environment, The Colour Blind Project unites artists of all backgrounds, particularly performers of multi-cultural backgrounds, and gives them the opportunity to create and perform work that will spark public dialogue about the cultural diversity within the Australian Arts and Entertainment industry.


The Colour Blind Project aims to nurture its talent and continue to create inclusive, innovative and provocative theatre for audiences across Australia.


For more information about visit THE COLOUR BLIND PROJECT WEBSITE or THE FB PAGE





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