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CABRAMATTA PROJECT - (working title)

Developed during PYT - Fairfield Artist Residency

CABRAMATTA PROJECT (working title) devised and performed by Josipa Draisma

Josipa was invited by PYT Fairfield as artist in residence to undertake a two week solo creative development to create the first draft of a multidisciplinary contemporary theatre work inspired by her memories and anecdotes of growing up in Fairfield and Cabramatta in the early 90s. Exploring memory, time, suburbia, identity, childhood and family, Josipa revisited time and places that she had not considered or visited in over 20 years. Josipa will continue the development of this project in 2018 exploring deeper community engagement with current members of the community and others who like Josipa spent formative years growing up in Fairfield and have now moved on. The development will continue to be informed by Josipa's experience in devised theatre, improvisation, clown and music.




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