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"...hugely entertaining with some poignant and powerful moments..."

Meet six lovely housewives, they truly are the epitome of perfection! They have perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect children, perfect homes and perfect lives in every way. Until a civilised tea party for genteel ladies descends into a fight of war-like proportions. Only Shakespeare provides the words for their voices to be heard. Once the illusion is broken what will be left? Who are these perfect creatures really, when all is said and done?


Highly acclaimed company The Colour Blind Project brings an unashamedly gutsy new show that is a bawdy, cheeky, and at times a haunting tale of six women striving for the most perfect perfection. It is a tale of survival, but always with a smile! 


The hilarious, and sometimes farcical, Keep Smiling! The Housewife’s Guide has been created by 6 bountiful female performers and is inspired by a selection of characters written by William Shakespeare – but, don’t be fooled, this is no ordinary Shakespearean adaptation.





Presented by Rock Surfers Theatre Company and The Colour Blind Project 

1 - 19 May 2012


Created and performed by 

Josipa Draisma, Christina Falsone, Carla Nirella, Alyssan Russell, Stephanie Son & Naomi White


Director Felicity Nicol 

Lighting Design Liam O’Keefe 

Set Design Daniel Alleck 

Costume Design Virginia Mawer  

Sound Design & Voiceover Garth Hodgson 

Sound Producer Scott McArthur


Keep Smiling! The Housewife's Guide was originally developed over two creative developments: 


Shakespeare In Full Colour

Presented by The Sydney Fringe Festival and The Colour Blind Project - 2010

The Housewive's Guide To Shakespeare

Presented by Rock Surfers Theatre Company and The Colour Blind Project - 2011





Keep Smiling! The Housewife’s Guide



Keep Smiling! The Housewife’s Guide





The Colour Blind Project is the brainchild of Sydney based performers, Josipa Draisma and Stephanie Son, who both wanted to create a dedicated, ambitious and talented ensemble of Australian writers, directors, actors and artists that would challenge and contribute to the cultural diversity of the Australian Arts and Entertainment landscape.


The Colour Blind Project has been created to showcase the diverse pool of multi-cultural talent that exists in Australia. It aims to be a world-class ensemble that challenges the stereotypes of what is perceived to be ‘Australian’ and bring the Australian Arts and Entertainment industry into the reality of the Australian society of the 21st Century.


Through a collaborative environment, The Colour Blind Project unites artists of all backgrounds, particularly performers of multi-cultural backgrounds, and gives them the opportunity to create and perform work that will spark public dialogue about the cultural diversity within the Australian Arts and Entertainment industry.


The Colour Blind Project aims to nurture its talent and continue to create inclusive, innovative and provocative theatre for audiences across Australia.


For more information about visit THE COLOUR BLIND PROJECT WEBSITE or THE FB PAGE


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