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The story of Big Red follows two estranged siblings, Lucia and Marko who both are unwillingly on the cusp of becoming carers to their recently widowed and elderly father Petar. When Petar suddenly goes missing Lucia and Marko must embark on a road trip deep ‘into the wild’ of regional and rural Australia to find him. Along the way, they grapple with this new life threshold, with their own fundamental differences and with their strained relationship with their father.  Their struggle with the seismic caregiving role reversal that comes with time and ageing, and the cultural expectation of familial duty finds them neck-deep in the abiding bond that is beautiful and broken between these two siblings and their father.
Big Red is a comedy that examines the complexities of family dynamics between siblings and elderly parents and the conflict between individualism verses familial identity and duty. Specifically, Big Red explores a clash of cultures between first generation children of Croatian migrants with their modern ideals of individualism versus the expectations of their parents with their rigid ideas of familial duty.
Big Red looks at the challenges of caregiving in a modern society and the potential for reconciliation in strained relationships between children and their parents. Big Red asks us if forgiveness, shared identity and the bonds that tie us to our loved ones can prevail, even amidst self-preservation, differing values, separation, estrangement and past grievances.
Written by Josipa Draisma, Big Red is proudly supported and developed by Griffin Theatre as part of the Griffin Studio program with support from the Malcolm Robertson Foundation and a core group of passionate donors.


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