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The loveable and daringly kooky Baba Jaja takes over Josipa Draisma’s latest comedy show MENAGERIE. A pure blend of clowning, character and improvisation Josipa serves up an exhilarating and insane night of comedy.

Silly dancing, Zorba’s, Bunning’s bargains, impassioned sing-alongs and a 'very smart' donkey on a stick are just some of the delights audiences will get to experience in Josipa Draisma’s MENAGERIE.

Josipa was hand picked by the Sydney Comedy Festival as a ‘one to watch Best Emerging Comedian of 2015’, and since then Josipa has been honing her kooky and rollicking physical and character comedy across Australia to sold shows, audience and critical reviews.

Written and performed by Josipa Draisma

Production History
2017 International Melbourne Comedy Festival
2017 Sydney Comedy Festival
2017 Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival

"We have no choice but to abandon ourselves to the crazy."  Great Scott Media
"Josipa Draisma was simply hilarious as the music loving Baba Jaja." My About Town, Melbourne
“Whereas Comedians (Comediennes) often try to dominate their audience, Draisma seeks to beguile and appease them and lean into them for comfort. Not a smarty like Seinfeld, nor self deprecating but faintly superior (Dave Hughes), there is no social commentary here. Draisma is in the business of relating almost one to one with her audience. She is on the side of the confused dispossessed lonely and down trodden. No wonder she provoked real empathy and laughter from some members of the audience, particularly the young. She evinces laughter from her pain because it is the pain and confusion we may have seen in ourselves. Draisma is the genuine article who does not cloak herself with wit and sarcasm. It is theatre for the adventurous.” Sydney Arts Guide
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